a man and his guitar

Mike Stewart-Lawrence

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Steve Franklin

I started to learn to play the guitar aged 12; then The Beatles changed everything and my scales practice was replaced by mastering 'Please Please me'.

I played in local Birmingham bands until a few years later I decided I was never going play like Jimi Hendrix so gave up the music industry and sold a 1967 Blonde American Telecaster and Marshall amplifier to purchase my first car; an Austin A35 Van and get 'a proper job'.

I always kept my hand in playing an Acoustic guitar usually to entertain friends celebrating a birthday when a few drinks are involved...

After taking early retirement from the day job I decided Golf was not enough stress so I purchased an electric guitar and got the fingers going again. 

This led to putting an advertisement on the internet as an available Rhythm guitarist.  Mike Stewart Lawrence was on the lookout for another guitarist for his band and saw my ad.  We met and the rest is history!

I enjoy playing again and am looking forward to our first appearance at Glastonbury when we hit the big time!!